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How much space, physical and symbolic, do women occupy in cities? TransFemina: Intersectional Landscapes proposes the creation of spaces for reflection, discussion and collective action on the invisibility of feminist narratives in cultural heritage and inequalities in the public space in 3 cities: Porto, Barcelona and Modena, through a process of co-production of site-specific artistic interventions.

TransFemina aims to actively contribute to fostering social cohesion & inclusion by involving normally underrepresented groups (women, non-binary, other identities and statuses) in spaces of participation and decision-making, in an intersectional perspective convening different collectives, artists, activists, researchers, urban planners and/or people with political decision-making power.

TransFemina:Intersectional Landscapes is a 2-year project funded by the Creative Europe program and  a collaboration between three female-run and feminist collectives of artists, activists & researchers: PELE - Associação Social e Cultural, from Porto, Portugal; Collettivo Amigdala, from Modena, Italy; and Col·lectiu Punt 6, from Barcelona, Spain.

The project consists of participatory artistic action in public spaces, by involving local communities of each city in the co-creation process of artistic interventions and urban sound walks. The project will also deepen the research about urban development through a feminist & intersectional lens and it will disseminate its results through handy toolkits. In addition to this, there will also be international exchanges and workshops open to all interested citizens. The involved participants and the audience will experience a unique process of collective reappropriation and resignification of the public space of the city/neighbourhood they live in, fostering their right to the city & contributing to the opening up of the city’s tangible & symbolic transformation.

Col·lectiu Punt 6

A non-profit cooperative of urban planning and architecture with over 17 years of local, national and international experience. They work from an intersectional feminist perspective through community participation and action. They’re committed to rethinking domestic, community and public spaces from a feminist perspective, with more than 400 projects carried out in different spheres. Col·lectiu Punt 6 develops their own methodologies (quantitative, qualitative and participatory) which are adapted to the context and the people they work with. They also work on research, teaching and training for both public administration and non-profit organisations.

Collettivo Amigdala

The work of Amigdala activates different levels: original artistic creations, public history and anthropology, active citizenship education, urban crossings and landscape. The collective makes multidisciplinary art productions, with a definite vocation for site-specific and community-specific creation methodologies. Amigdala's productions take the form of performances, public art projects, installations, soundscapes and always have a strong connection to the place that hosts them. These works are presented in Italy and abroad in festivals, reviews and cultural initiatives. The Periferico festival is one of their main projects and it's dedicated to the connections between performing arts, local communities and the urban fabric.