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Reflecting on sustainability is, inevitably, asking about theoretical and practical processes of survival, present and future. Thus, in our practice of artistic creation, we find ourselves urgently needing to reconfigure production and consumption patterns, looking for ethical alternatives to contribute to a shared future.

In 2020, we outlined and started a plan to regenerate Pele´s practices that would leverage more conscious action. We called it PACT206.

Download it PACT2026.

Now taking place over 3 years of a challenging journey, there have been, and are, multiple practices that reconfigure us to contemplate a different horizon of manifestation, creation, production and artistic reflection.

Deepen mechanisms of co-creation, horizontal decision-making, coexistence and care, active listening, diversity, experimentation, transdisciplinarity, participation and imagination. Critically reflect on partnership networks, study experiences and alternative materials, look for references, adjust expectations, speculate, make mistakes and find other models. Carefully pondering the multiple crises and global phenomena (climatic, conflicts, polarization) that lead us towards a seemingly inevitable collapse, drove us to search for other ways.

Among many others, we risk some thoughts and practices that have permeated our intervention in the last 3 years.

From the Concept

Degrowth guided our principles for designing and executing projects. If it is sustainable, it is not growth. We reconfigure our consumption and production patterns to regenerate the impact of our interventions.

From the Neighborhood

We tension knowledge from multiple references, articulating the empirical and the academic. We decide collectively and co-create. We align our relationship with the emergencies of territories and communities from an ecocentric vision.

Budget and calendar

We expand project execution times; We promote more stable and better working conditions for those who work with us. We integrate expanded time into your potential as an agent of change.

From raw materials

We reuse materials and scenography to the point of exhaustion; we favor wood from species with uncontrolled proliferation; Through a network of partners, we recycle materials from industrial and construction waste. We sow and harvest different raw materials.

Equipment and production methods

We created with disassembly, reuse and storage in mind. We use the body as energy. We share equipment and discuss knowledge about production methods.

Shopping and transport

We buy and exchange with those who share a similar territory with us. We share carpools, use public transport, walk as an act of creation.

Registration and communication

We also communicate principles, desires, practices and imaginaries that propose alternative societal projects.

From the Future

All actions and projects shape the thinking and reflection of the future. We create together and consciously looking towards tomorrow. We imagine a lot, we ponder a lot, we activate what is necessary.