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#Expanded Parliament

A space of collective creation that mingles languages, sectors, and communities. It is assumed as a regenerative ecosystem of participation, discussion, conviviality, and action. It proposes to reflect on alternative models of production, networking, and training.

In a residency with Studio Quack, we materialized the structures that serve as the foundation for the Expanded Parliament. Cultural and social associations, neighbors and other artists joined us for 15 days of collective action.
The Adega was born.

With the young archaeologists from Cercar-te and Studio Quack, we scoured the earth in search of memories and materials that tell us stories about this place. A landscape that has regenerated itself as a research laboratory, a living museum of findings that tell us both about archetypes and utopias.

... Within the age of the Anthropocene -a term used to refer to a new geological era in which human activity is transforming earth systems, accelerating climate change and causing mass extinctions -a human-centred perspective is increasingly seen as untenable. In fields such as STS, environmental humanities, geography, planning, design and HCI, scholars are expanding and challenging traditional binaries of Western thought such as City/Nature, Human/Nonhuman, to consider the entanglements between human and nonhuman worlds including in urban contexts. This presents opportunities to not only develop innovative participatory approaches in more-than-human worlds, as a way to overcome problematic narratives of human privilege and exceptionalism, but also to fundamentally question what participation can and might mean in our existing and future cohabitation with multispecies...

R. Clarke, S. Heitlinger, C. Disalvo, M. Foth


Imagine is an invitation to design other ways of being, living and doing.
An intervention in the Public Space that aimed to listen to the residents of Azevedo about their wishes and utopias for the regeneration of an abandoned land next to Bairro do Lagarteiro.