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#Mobile Cultural Center

Suggests a transgressive bordering and potentially stimulating practice of access to cultural participation. Inspires mobility routines by occupying the space of interdependence between artistic creation and programming.


In 2022, #CCM  invites playwright Diogo Liberano, visual artist João Paulo Lima and designer Sérgio Couto to co-create 3 publications, in a process that starts from the experience of living/listening/reflecting on the STCP line 400.

Study Group

InêsCarneiro, Janne Schöder and Simão Colares constitute the Study Group, an action-reflection collective that develops artistic creation proposals anchored in the local context, with the purpose of being presented on the 400 bus, which connects the city center of Porto to Azevedo. During 2021, four proposals were activated, proposing poetic disruptions in the daily lives of users of this line.

To transport

Performance #1
Six moss spheres were transported along the Aliados - Azevedo route. The proposal was to roam with this hybrid Being, transporting Azevedo's autochthonous elements across different geographies.

To distribute

Performance #2
In this performance, the attention of the passengers was asked to, delicately, offer them a gift. Inside the small envelopes were seeds and a poem.

To offer

Performance #3
Delivery of poetic messages to passengers. Each sentence written by the performers on a previously prepared paper, with a lichen drawing on one side, emerged as a possibility of love or conflict.

To occupy

Performance #4
Each performer inhabited a bus stop in Azevedo, in order to occupy and intervene in the space, with a view to rooting and (re)signifying the act of waiting.

Musical Cycle 400

Lovers&Lollypops assumed the curatorship of a musical cycle, taking place at 400, capable of enhancing the intersection between multiple communities in the city, and rehearsing a laboratory for experimentation on landscape.

Samuel Martins Coelho
Arianna Casellas
Conferência Inferno