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Cicatriz – Present Memories

We'd like to create an archive of present-day experiences. We'd like to add ours to other voices.

We live unimagined days. Times that mark our body and mind with the brutality of uncertainty. Memories are inscribed, some good, some bad ones. Feelings of restlessness emerge but also of tranquility. It is urgent to bear witness to what is transformed and what is preserved, in us and in the world. From what we think, we promise or simply everything we don't want anymore. What we'd like it to be, what we want to do, what is no more

Cicatriz - Memories of today is an online digital archive powered by videos of people from different contexts, in which they reflect and share their life experiences in the current context (pandemic and lockdown). Each video is inspired by one of the words -

#Democracia [democracy]; #Liberdade [freedom]; #Vizinhança [neighborhood]; #Futuro [future]; #Família [family]; #Ambiente [environment]; #Medo [fear]; #Solidão [loneliness].

We endure urgencies that require to be inscribed, by all of us, for all of us. Scars that need to exist to be reminded

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Artistic direction: Fernando Almeida
Artistic Team: Carina Moutinho, Janne Schroder, Raquel Melo, Sérgio Couto
Graphic design: Sérgio Couto